Up to 60% off on Food & Beverages & Grocery Nutri Organics Dry Dates/Kharik Powder Natural Sweetener, 200g (Coarse Kharek Powder/Date Sugar)

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PURE : Our Date Powder is made from Pure Dried Dates and is Finely ground for a Great Baking experience!
NATURAL SWEETENER : It’s Healthy Natural Replacement for sugar.
MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE : It can be used to sweeten porridges, milk shakes, kheer, halwa and even partly mixed in cake and cookie dough’s
NO : Preservatives, Additives or Artificial flavors
Nutri Organics Farm’s Dried Date Powder is a Natural Antioxidant, Natural Sweetener, Rich source of Iron, Calcium & Vitamins. Dry Date Powder is Low in Fat, Cholesterol-free, Low Sodium & High potassium content.