Up to 60% off on Food & Beverages & Grocery Desi Treat Vegan Mock Meat, 800g | Net wt. 500g | Free Masala Packet | Plant Based Meat | Ready to Cook | No Preservatives

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Desi Treat’s

Vegan Mock Meat

Desi Treat’s Vegan Mock Meat allows you to enjoy the taste and texture of real meat, with an entirely plant-based cruelty-free alternative. Helps to Maintain a healthy and balanced diet without consuming non-vegetarian food.

Vegan Friendly Plant-Based Meat Substitute.High Protein 13g | Real Meat TextureCholestrol Free | Preservatives Free

Desi Treat’s Premium Vegan Products

Preservatives Free

High Protein

Vegan Friendly

Artificial Flavor Free

Low Fat

Serves 4-5 ppl


Vegan Friendly | No Added Flavor
No Added Preservatives | 15 months shelf life
Plant-based meat substitute | Cholesterol-free
Neutral flavour, firm bite, serves 4-5 people
Versatile uses – Grilled mock meat ,scrambles, Chinese chilli variants, pakodas, pulav, etc.