Big Deals on Trinkets & More – Chinese Checker Board & Ludo 2 in 1 Premium Wooden Classic Board Game for Adults and Kids Superb Family Office Game | Picnic Toys 3+ Years (2 in 1 Checkers Ludo)

Product Description

About Trinkets & More

We at Trinkets & More understand the importance of parenting and various facets of it that influence your little ones’ development. All our open ended toys follow the values “Education, Entertain and Engage”. With your child safety at heart, all our toys use natural materials and odour & lead-free water colours.

Two in one Twice the fun.

Two traditional fun games checkers and Ludo in one board, for all ages and occasions. The play kit is child safe and organic.


Package Includes:

1 Chinese checker and Ludo board 60 pegs, 10 in each of six colours for Checkers4 Pegs and 2 Dices for Ludo

Chinese checkers & Ludo

This fun board game of Ludo and Chinese checkers can be enjoyed for hours at a time and is especially worth carrying along on those long journeys. Strategy and logic. Most loved corporate gift and workshops & teambuilding activities.

Two in One Premium Board

The easily flappable two in one board has both sides playable. One side is designed for Chinese checkers and the other is for Ludo. This setup enables the convenience to carry both games even during travel.

Intuitive Design

User friendly design paves way for easy understanding of the working of the board game. Checkers is marked diagonally and Ludo all along to facilitate even kids play.

Open Ended Play

The idea of explorative play concept in which this product is full of strategy. This game helps in improving your mind power, confidence, concentration and memory skills.

Carry anywhere

This learning toy is easy to carry where ever you go as it lightweight and compact. A perfect companion to keep your kids occupied and busy

Bright Patterns and Colouring

Bright colours and intuitive structures for growing skill sets are a part of the design concept. Explorative play toys are known to improve creativity and imagination power of children.

Child Safe Product

This product does not contain chemicals such as BPA, phthalates and PVC that babies suck on and ingest while chewing on the toy. It is made of hard wood and nontoxic colours. Thus, making it a complete child safe board game.

The 60 pegs fit nicely into the 60 holes, arranged by colour, with the actual colour of the pegs on the board. And you get 1 Peg extra peg per colour incase you loose one! Ludo comes with 2 set of dices and can be played with 4 people with 4 Pegs from each colour
The solid natural wood construction of the Chinese checker board and the colourful wooden pegs /marbles are built to last generations. The pegs come in an assortment of bright colours like orange, red, blue, violet, light green
Chinese checkers has been a classic game since the 1800s.The game of Ludo was known as Pachisi and some of the paintings of this fun board game are found in India’s Ajanta caves. It is also a recorded fact that Emperor Akbar loved to play Pachisi during his leisure time
This is a game that people of almost all ages can enjoy, making it a unique and entertaining gift for friends and family for many occasions. It’s the ideal gift for Birthdays, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Anniversaries, and most other occasions