Up to 60% off on Food & Beverages & Grocery Farms Delight Lahsun Chutney (Red Chilli Garlic Chutney) 250g

Farms Delight Lahsun Chutney is made from the finest variety of Red Chillies chosen from the Farms of MATHANIA village, Jodhpur. Our Chutney is HANDMADE in small batches using Traditional Method of Mortar and Pestle (ओखल और मूसल). Our products are made from ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS free from any artificial flavours or colour. We value ethical practices while sourcing raw materials, and during manufacturing. Women empowerment and self-reliance is at the heart of our business model. Our greatest strength derives from our Network of Rural Women artisans who partner with us throughout the supply chain and create Authentic products with love and fondness. We are happy to share their unique expertise and experience in crafting the delightful Red Chilli Garlic Chutney.
Truly Handmade in Small Batches – with Traditional Mortar and Pestle (ओखल और मूसल) by rural Women artisans. The slow grinding of ingredients creates unique profusion of flavours of Garlic, making it Irresistibly savoury
NO ARTIFICIAL Flavours or Color – Made from Authentic Natural ingredients. NO TRANS FATS. NO Cholestrol.
USE IT – Instead of Dry Lal Mirch Powder Add Chutney in your every dish while cooking, or just serve it as dip alongside snacks. Tastes great when fried in Desi Ghee and served alongside Parathas, Bajra Roti. Mix it in Biryani or Pulao, and Marinate your Chicken or Mutton to add spiciness.
Perfect blend of Taste & Health. Enjoy the Goodness of Garlic which boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, and improves digestion.