Up to 60% off on Food & Beverages & Grocery 4700BC Popcorn, Microwave Bag,Butter, 850g, (Pack of 10)

Product Description







Includes Seasoning Sachet

Spice Scale
III || – –

Ideal Fit For
Get-togethers, Spice aficionados, Memory trip down south Connoisseurs of Cheese, Jerry’s fans Post workout snack, Fitness Enthus, Raw lovers Movie marathons, The OG’s, Nostalgic cravings

Jumbo Corn, NON GMO, Whole Grain, No Cholesterol

Ready to Pop Microwave Bag

Perfect Companion
Fizzy Drink, Beer Fizzy Drink, Wine Juice, Tea Fizzy Drink, Juice

Shelf Life
12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months

Pack of
3 and 10 3 and 10 3 and 10 3 and 10

Bringing our expertise right to your kitchen.
Prepared in under 4 minutes in a ready-to-pop popcorn bag.
Certified Non-GMO corn. Gluten free. Whole-Grain. Jumbo Popcorn.
We are often asked about the story behind our peculiar name. Well, it is believed that the oldest evidence of popcorn was found in the ancient caves of Peru, nearly 6700 years ago, in 4700BC! Now you know our story.