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Product Description

FZYEZY Freeze Dried StrawberryFZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze Dried StrawberryFZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze Dried StrawberryFZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry Freeze Dried Strawberry

A complete tasty , healthy experience which gives real flavour of Strawberry.

Freeze dried Crunchy, tasty & healthy experience

FZYEZY Strawberry complete your hunger with it’s unique flavour.

FZYEZY, We freeze… The smile of India.

FZYEZY Freeze dried Strawbeery where your natural ingredient search ends

FZYEZY Freeze Dried Starwberry

Freeze Dried Strawberry 100 % Natural, Healthy & Tasty Experience

We at FZYEZY , Committed to quality & innovation in Freeze drying food products, believe in quality with the philosophy of Pure, Tasty, Natural Freeze dried Fruits.

Freeze Drying technology protects the colour , flavour, taste along with all the nutritional value of ingredient. The entire process is done under control atmosphere, pressure & temperature of sublimation point to get the best quality Strawberry.

100% natural ready to eat freeze dried fruit. Freeze dried snacks Easy to eat, any where, any place. Freeze dried Strawberry can be used as variety of place like Snacks, Cereals, Kids Lunch box, Smoothie, Ice Cream, Milk Shake, Yogurt, Cake, Bakery, Tea,etc

FZYEZY Freeze drying is a unique technology which dehydrates ingredients without loosing it’s colour, flavour, taste & nutritional value. The entire process of freeze drying conducted under control atmosphere, pressure & minus temperature so the nutrition value of product remains as it is intect. A quality raw material from farm to factory to get the same flavour same taste product in every sachet throughout the year.

Advantage :

Shape & size of the product remains as it is unchangedEasy to carry due to light weightStore at Room TemperatureBlend your choice of fruit with your recipe. Make powder of it for smoothie, shake, juice, ice cream, yogurt, bakeryEasily Rehydrate with water or milk

Fzyzezy – We freeze…The smile of india.

FZYEZY Yummy, Tasty Strawberry…

FZYEZY Freeze Dried StrawberryFZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

Freeze Dried Strawberry… Just Loving it.

With the help FZYEZY Strawberry make your own recipe. Use as Snacks, Cereals, Lunch box, Cake, Smoothie, Shake, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Tea, etc


Fresh Strawberry

Strawberry, Yummy flavour fruit.

For making various recipe.

Best fruit for day to day life.

FZYEZY StrawberryFZYEZY Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

FZYEZY Strawberry, when you don’t have to explain more, the word it self is enough.

Freeze dried Starawberry…100 % Natural Crunchy, Crispy & Tasty.

Fzyzey Strawberry I am just loving it.

FZYEZY StrawberryFZYEZY Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze dried Strawberry is unique product shorted & prepare from best fresh strawberry.

Oh My God – Wow – 20 gm of Freeze dried Starwberry is equivalent to approx 200 gm of fresh Strawberry.

Freeze dried StrawberryFreeze dried Strawberry

FZYEZY Freeze Dried Strawberry

You can prepare your own concept recipe with the help of Freeze dried strawberry.

A unique product with flavour, taste, nutrition value.


FZYEZY StrawberryFZYEZY Strawberry

FZYEZY StrawberryFZYEZY Strawberry

Freeze dried StrawberryFreeze dried Strawberry

Sweet – Sour Characteristic Metalic Sour Sweet Characteristic

No Sugar Added

Gluten Free


FZYEZY Freeze Dried Fruit Range

FZYEZY Freeze Dried Fruit RangeFZYEZY Freeze Dried Fruit Range

Freeze Dried Fruit Range

Fzyezy – We freeze… the smile of india.

WHAT YOU GET Each pack offers 100% natural ready to eat freeze-dried fruit. The product is packed in a 3 layer food grade aluminium pouch.
HOW TO USE Start with adding little water or milk and gradually increase the liquid quantity. You can make milkshake, thick shake, smoothies or add it to your favorite ice-cream. You can eat it as a snack too.
WHO CAN EAT This readymade fruit snack is beneficial for kids, adults, aged people, office-goers. You can pack in school lunchbox or serve at school picnics, vacation tours, birthday celebrations, house party, kitty party, etc. Anyone can use anywhere, anytime and at any occasion as party snacks, food on the go or as convenience snacks.
HOW TO STORE Having a highly sustainable food life of +730 days you can easily store this ready to eat dried fruit for a longer time. There is no special storage requirement, just store at normal room temperature.