Big Deals on RATNA’S Avis Mind Power Memory Game for Kids 4+

playing instruction : 1) place the card which you decide on the top of the pile and insert the cards into the playing tray. Alternatively you can decide to randomly pick a card and without seeing the picture, place that card on the top of the pile. 2) Cover all the windows on the playing tray with pegs. 3) The first player starts by picking up two pegs, if the picture matches he keeps the pegs and picks up two more pegs and if the pictures do not match he replaces the pegs in the same place. The next player starts his turn in the same way. 4) Once all the pegs have been removed, the player with the maximum pegs wins the game. you can start a new game with a different combination card.
Enhances Thinking, Concentration & Attention.
Fun Family Game for Kids & Adults.
20 Different Topics to Play with 10 both side printed Cards.
Made in India