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Brainy Quiz Contest Objectives: The objective of the game is to improve general knowledge of the kids in a play way method. For everybody, however clever, general knowledge is of utmost importance. This game is designed in such a way that it does not give the child the pressure of learning. The concept of multiple choice answers and a variety of subjects makes the game really interesting. So get ready to face the challenge and win the cheque & the crown! Contents: ONE GANE BOARD Ø TOPIC SELECTION POINTER. 6 PAWNS Ø 100 QUESTION ANSWER CARDS (600 QUESTIONS) Ø 14 PUNISHMENT CARDS (70 PUNISHMENTS) Ø WINNER’S CROWN & CHEQUE Ø DETAILED INSTRUCTION SHEET IN ENGLISH AND HINDI. BRAINY QUIZ CONTEST-This quiz game is a treasure of knowledge. It has 600 questions with multiple choice answers from various topics such as World & Indian history, science & technology, Sports, art & culture, geography, animals, plants, birds & animals. Get ready to face the challenge. Age group : 8 +
Improves general knowledge
Quiz on various topics