Big Deals on Dice Toy Labs – Chai Garam | 2 – 4 Players Strategy Board Game For Teens, Adults And Family | Modern Strategy Board Games Collection (Multicolour)

Product Description

Chai Garam boxChai Garam box

Serve Garam Garam Chai to customers in the Mela!

Chai Garam takes you on an aromatic mouth-watering journey of preparing and serving tea!

Your guests want their Chai prepared just the way they like it! Get it right, and they will reward you with a handsome tip and maybe tell some more people to try out your stall. You can even lure people from the Mela by specialising in a specific chai made from aromatic tea leaves from particular regions of India.

Gameplay Highlights




Strategically pick up ingredients

Choose from 4 Tea Leaves (Assam, Darjeeling, Kashmiri, Nilgiri), Basics like Water, Milk and Sugar, Additives like Elaichi, Tulsi, Ginger, etc.

You can even choose to entice visitors with powerful Snacks card powers like Samosa, Bun Maska, Biscuits and Pakora.

Prepare Chai in your Tapri/stall

With the right ingredients, prepare the perfect cup of Chai! Serve the crowd and build your savings and earn that coveted star ratings.

You can prepare multiple types of Chai by expanding up to 3 saucepans. Earn stars quickly and get your Tapri upgraded too!

Earn star ratings and money

Serve people standing in a queue in the Mela to earn money. Remember, If you skip the first person and serve the one behind, then you will earn negative points! Mela is ever-changing and has few critics/celebrities too who give star ratings, so keep up with specific demands to earn big rewards.

Chai Wala close upChai Wala close up

Many ways to win

You can choose from multiple free actions to improve your ratings by completing goal cards, attracting more customers with specialist tags and playing a “Chai Garam” card for a double action. Build up your cash and stars till the end game is triggered by the visit of a special ‘evening’ customer or when a player earns 5 stars.

Make sure you are on top of your game to ensure you emerge as the most popular & wealthy Chai maker in the market to win!

The game can be played in 2 modes: Basic level (Cutting Chai) and Advanced level (Kadak Chai)!

Carefully pick ingredients to prepare the perfect cup of Chai for your customers. Choose from Tea Leaves, Additives, Water, Milk and Supply Cards.
Serve customers and build your savings and earn that coveted star ratings!
2 modes of play available – Basic (Cutting Chai) and Advanced (Kadak Chai)
Beautiful artwork which makes you want to play again and again!