Up to 60% off on Food & Beverages & Grocery Organic Tattva, Organic Raw Unpolished Peanuts / Groundnuts, 500 gram

Our Mission: Our brand mission is to help people live a healthier, wholesome life by providing them with a variety of 100 percent certified, authentic organic foods. We value honesty, integrity and continual self-improvement. We are committed to a sustainable environment, zero-additive foods and complete customer-satisfaction. Brand philosophy: The brand organic tattva is based on the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care. At organic tattva, the team works with accredited organic farmers who do not use fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified seeds so that their consumers can enjoy the benefits of nature and relish nutritious, healthy, pure and chemical-free food, an important factor contributing to overall wellbeing.
✔ Excellent Source of Protein | Good for Kids and Pregnant Women | No Artificial Flavours | No Preservatives
✔ Organic Peanuts are rich in healthy fats, low in carbs, high in protein, vitamins, and minerals
✔ It helps to manage LDL (bad cholesterol) and boosts HDL (good cholesterol) levels in the blood
✔ Organic Tattva Peanuts are sorted to deliver consistency in quality