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Navy Blue Blackout Door CurtainNavy Blue Blackout Door Curtain

Experience the power of real silk door curtains today by purchasing our new StoryAtHome Faux Silk Solid Door Curtain.

These silk door curtains will effectively block out light, improve sleep quality, cut down electric bills and make your bedroom dark, comfy and cozy. Made from high quality fabric, these silk curtains are soft, thick and durable. These silk door curtains prevent heat from escaping during the colder months and are useful to make your bedroom warmer in the summer.

They have a soft finish, giving you a comfortable feeling. The triple weave technology brings true physical blackout, exquisite finish, no chemical coating, no toxic smell. No more waking up on a hot summer day because your curtains let in the light. Get a better sleep and a lower electric bill with these silk door curtains. They are easy to hang and use.

Why Choose Us:

● Soft finish fabric gives you a comfortable feeling.

● High quality curtains, made from thick and soft material.

● Block out 99.9% of sunlight, improve sleep quality!

● Durable and long lasting.

● Easy to hang with eyelet rings and easy to tie using Velcro straps.

● Excellent finish, no chemical coating, no toxic smell.

Navy Blue Blackout Door Curtain

Navy Blue Blackout Door Curtain

Navy Blue Blackout Door Curtain

Navy Blue Blackout Door Curtain

Room Darkening

Room Darkening

Wash Care Instructions

Wash Care Instructions

Super Silky Material

These silky curtains are thick & very pleasant to touch and does not contain harmful substances in the textile, no smell, no polishing, no pollution.

Soft & Comfortable

It will keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer. They are thick and luxurious, and will provide you with a comfortable room year round.

Improves Sleep Quality

Our silk door curtains helps you sleep better by blocking out light, reducing noise and keeping the bedroom dark. Having a darker bedroom not only helps you sleep better, it also saves on energy costs.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

These silk curtains are machine washable. You can wash them in cold water and low heat. Or you can use a dry cleaning bag. Hang to dry.

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Polyester Polyester Sheer Sheer Polyester Polyester

Eyelet Rings

Light Blocking
Medium Medium Low Low High High

Jacquard Weave Jacquard Weave Sheer Weave Sheer Weave Triple Weave Triple Weave

Why Choose Us?Why Choose Us?

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Wash Care Instructions: Kindly remove the plastic eyelets before washing in washing machine. Only Cold Machine wash. Do Not tumble dry. Do Not bleach. Warm Iron on low heat. Do Not dry clean
Colour: Navy Blue, Pack of 2
Safety Home D├ęcor & Innovative Design: Innovative Triple Weave Technology brings true Physical Blackout, Eco-Friendly Finish, No Chemical Coating, No Toxic Smell and Ideal blackout curtain for Rooms. Blackout thermal curtains uses high grade material, Well Thread Trimmed, Perfect Comfortable Feeling, Gives your life a sense of direction
Thermal Insulation: You can also create large room partition using these curtains, very effective for better temperature in AC and Heater in room. Additionally, these curtains are effective in sun blocking see video to understand more on this
Velcro Tiebacks: To Fasten & Hold the Curtains with Ease
Triple Layer Fabric & Energy Smart: Smooth & Silky Polyester Fabric. Triple weave Blackout fabric Balances Room Temperature by Insulating against Summer Heat and Winter chill. Protect your Furniture, Floors and Artwork from the ravages of the sun