Big Deals on Laemenoz Crossword Scrable Board Game | Big Size Spelling Game for Kids & Adult Multi-Player Board Game for Kids (Scrable 1)

The most popular word game ever published. You score points by creating words with letter tiles on a game board. It can be used for early childhood education, spelling games, and crossword games promoting intimate relationships between parents and children. GO CREATIVE Incorporate these tiles in your coaster, birthday cake, gift, engagement photographs, paint, room decoration, cupcake toppers, or hand-made. There are a lot of creative ideas to make your life more colorful. They also can transform into fridge magnets. CLASSIC CROSSWORD GAME Get family and friends together for a fun game night with the Scrabble board game! Put letters together, build words, and earn the most points to win. FUN FAMILY GAME Do you remember playing Scrabble when you were a kid? Introduce this fun game to your kids and grandkids! Connect over a classic board game and create memories for generations to come.
The object of the game is to earn the highest score by spelling words in crossword fashion onto the playing board, each player selects seven letter tiles at random to begin
Make the best word you can using any of your 7 letter tiles drawn at random
Scrable is the classic word game For 2-4 players