Big Deals on KRIPESH ENTERPRISE The Original Sequence Board Game | Make 5 in a Series Card Game Kids and Adults (Toys for 7+ Years Boys and Girls)

With touches of canasta, rummy, and poker, this game could easily become a Friday night favorite. The object is to get a “sequence,” meaning a row of five poker like chips on the game board. The board itself depicts lines of face up playing cards. Players place their “crowning” chips on top of the card pictures, and can form sequences by using strategy and knowing which sequence cards to keep or discard. Since forethought, luck, and backup plans are the keys to winning, this game is probably too sophisticated for children under 7 years old. (But Young Ones Can Team Up With Adults.) included are 104 playing cards and 50 crowning chips in each color: red, blue, and green
It’s fun, challenging, exciting, sequence board game
A strategy game that educates, helps make family time more fun
Two Teams Consisting Of 2 Players Can Play A Game Simultaneously
Size : 25 x 20 x 5 cm