Big Deals on HAAN Relay Card Game : Social Party Game of Acting and Drawing for Teen & Adults | 75 Relay Action Cards | 75 Relay Sketch Cards | Dry Erase Pen and Sheet | Virtual Timer

HAAN Relay Card Game is an exciting and interactive party game for teens and adults. It combines elements of acting and drawing, making it the perfect game for any social gathering.

The game comes with 75 Relay Action Cards, 75 Relay Sketch Cards, a Dry Erase Pen and Sheet, and a Virtual Timer. Players take turns acting out the action cards while the other players try to guess what the action is. After the action is guessed, the player then draws a sketch card and tries to draw the action that was just acted out.

The game is highly competitive and encourages creative thinking and communication. It’s easy to learn and can be played with any number of people, making it a great choice for large groups. It’s also great for family game nights, as it’s suitable for all ages.

The game also has a virtual timer, which keeps track of the time and ensures that the game moves along quickly. This makes it a great choice for those who are short on time.

Overall, HAAN Relay Card Game is an exciting and interactive party game for teens and adults. It encourages creative thinking and communication, making it a great choice for any social gathering. With its easy-to-learn rules and virtual timer, it’s the perfect game for family game nights or large groups.

“Relay is a modern card based word guessing game ideal for a social or party setting. The game contains an acting version as well as a drawing version. The objective of the game is to make one team member guess a word by other team members acting / drawing clues. The twist is players of the team give clues one after another in a true Relay format with each player getting only 15 seconds before the next player takes over. It’s important for team members to be in sync! The less time a player takes to guess the word, the more points! Relay is a fun, easy to play, easy to learn game suitable for ages 10+. Relay can be played with either deck, action deck (acting) or the sketch deck (drawing). Relay can also be played in 2 format, competitive relay where players are split into two rival teams trying to outscore each other (suited for larger groups) or co-operative relay where players are playing together in 1 unified team trying to best their own high score. (Suited for smaller groups). The game helps develop teamwork, creative thinking, non verbal communication and quick thinking. Relay is a pick up and play game that doesn’t require much set up and can be taken on the go. Fun game to be played with Family or Friends.”
Creative Game; Facilitates imaginative thinking and performances from team members
Social Game; Fun for many ages and various group sizes
Fast Fun; Easy to learn game that’s all about Quick thinking and quick reactions
Suitable for 4-12 players
Age 10+ years
2 Gameplay formats [Competitive and Co-operative]