CrafTangles Round Handmade Watercolor paper 100% cotton 300 gsm Rough (Pack of 10)

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Artist-grade 100% cotton rough watercolour paper natural white colour, non-yellowing paper (free of optical brighteners), acid-free. Allows repeated erasing without flaking. An all-round Drawing Paper suitable for all dry techniques & certain wet techniques such as Ink & Gouache. Perfect for water colouring, acrylics, pastels, pencils and mixed media uses. Since its 100 % cotton and 300 gsm in thickness, it can take multiple layers of watercolour washes without the paper being torn or broken. It contains a pack of 10 round in shape and measures 4 inches in diameter. Not suitable for stamping as there is texture to the paper since these watercolour papers are handmade.
pack of 10 round watercolor sheets – 4 inch diameter
300 gsm Rough watercolor paper
These papers are slightly textured as compared to machine made papers since these are handmade papers