Gas O Grill Aluminum Non-Stick Smokeless Indoor Tandoor Gas Grill Cook Top BBQ GasoGrill, BY STEEMO 14 inches Jumbo

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Product Description

Product description

Gas o grill 14 inches jumbo model by steemo cooks on gas,electric or camping stove this unique, multi-functional 2-piece grill converts your stove into an indoor smokeless grill.the heavy-duty grill plate grills food golden brown with perfect even heat for low-fat or no fat delicious cooking. the aluminium casted drip tray beneath is filled with 1/2 cup of water or juice and captures excess fat & grease to eliminate smoke & splatter while simultaneously steam- flavouring food for moist juicy results. cleaning : heavy-duty non-stick grill plate & aluminium casted drip tray, may be easily cleaned with warm soapy water or may be placed in dishwasher. great for home, camping or picnics


Adding Water / Juice. Fill the drip tray with water or juice to infuse flavour. Grease to eliminate smoke & splatter while simultaneously steam- flavouring food for moist juicy results.

Easy to use
Great for home, camping
​Use on electric or gas stove
Smokeless indoor/outdoor grill


Top coated
3 times with new teflon platinum
2 times for easy cleaning
Drip tray coated

*Better – Because of Outstanding BPA Free (Non Toxic food releasing durable quality) Non Stick Coating and at least 5 Times longer life in compa.
**Better – Because our GAS O GRILL works equally well on gas or electric stoves , thanks to its well designed Aluminium Casted Heavy Duty Drip Tray’s larger opening and four extended incast stands fits comfortably around most burners. It supports the actual grill plate / pan , collects all the drippings from the food you are cooking and also can be used to steam flavour into your food.
**Better — Because of Unique High Domed cum Ribbed cooking surface of grill plate enhances the flow of grease and extra juices into the drip tray’s water ring. Also the grill plate has a larger cooking surface 44%bigger than most others available.
*Better – Because of the safety as Gas O Grill non stick drip tray is with handles to provide stability while cooking and safety when removing the grill for cleaning. And due to the reduced heat transfer, the handles are comfortable to touch.