Sound Labs Raagini Digital, Electronic Tanpura

Sound Labs Raagini Digital, Electronic Tanpura

Price :₹7,300.00

M.R.P. : ₹7,400.00

Tanpura Tone:- New Raagini Digital is an electronic Tanpura that delivers Tanpura sound using the latest cutting edge technology. Capacitive Touch Keyboard:- The New Raagini Tambura is equipped with state of the art Capacitive touch keyboard. Check Button:- This confirms that you have an Raagini Digital by Sound Labs. Hexagonal Shape Cabinet:- The 6 side cabinet of Raagini Digital is an unique design registered shape that improves the sound quality & gives it unique identity. Digital Setting:- Functions like On/Off, Pitch, Fine Pitch, Volume, Tempo are all digitally measured and set for better accuracy. Auxiliary Stereo Out:- The improved Auxiliary Out to connect to your music system or Public Address (PA) AAA Battery with In-Built Charger:- 8 AAA cells is all that is required & with the in-built battery charger SMPS, 90V AC to 250V AC:- Raagini Tanpura’s in-built SMPS, input power range of 90V AC to 250V AC. Pitch Range in Excess of 1 Octave:- Raagini pitch range spans over an octave covering from A to the B of the next octave. Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad:- The Raagini Digital comes with easy switch operation for selection of accurately pre-tuned Pancham, Madhyam & Nishad. Hindustani & Carnatic Playing Styles:- Raagini Tanpura is set to play Pa, Sa, Sa Sa (Kharaj) (6 Matras, Carnatic Music Style.) Pressing select switch while switching on Raagini Digital Tanpura sets it to play Pa, Sa, Sa Sa (Kharaj) (5 Matras, Hindustani Music Style.) Manual Nishad Tuning:- In the case if Nishad, Raagini also allows you to manually tune the Nishad to adjust to your special needs. Auto memory:- The memory function of this electronic Tanpura helps retain your last selection even when the power is switched off. (Including that of fine tuning) Carry Bag:- The Raagini Digital comes in a easy to carry specially padded nylon bag.
Metal Body Raagini Discountinued
1 Yr Warranty

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