Plastic Strip Cable Zip Ties Nylon Self Locking Wire Ties 10 inch black 250mm (Pack of 100 pcs)

Plastic Strip Cable Zip Ties Nylon Self Locking Wire Ties 10 inch black 250mm (Pack of 100 pcs)

Price :₹125.00

M.R.P. : ₹169.00

Made in India Nylon 250 mm 10 inch Cable Tie.Black in color, Self-locking, and non releasing Cable Tie. Ideal for sealing of Bags, Packaging, and bunching cables. Heat resistant and tensile strength to load up to 8-10KGs.This product is made of UL approved nylon injection molding. Safe, and non-toxic. we firmly believe that only good ingredients can make a good product. This product is self-locking and fastening, with the function of stop going back. Made of high-quality nylon new material, strong fastness, anti-aging, durable. Zipper strap has good toughness, strong bearing capacity, and convenient binding.
Length: 10 Inch 250mm, Max tensile strength: 40 LBS tensile strength is determined by width and thickness. Our ties are widest, compared for most ties on the market Durable Nylon Ties and heat resistance of the heavy-duty cable tie tape package, which can ensure that they are exposed to high temperature for a long time, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, safe self-locking buckle can be easily locked in place, cable tie tape conforms to RoHS standard/UL certification UL 94 V2.Same size.
In daily life, multi-purpose cable zip ties are so powerful that you can tie them together to wrap materials, repair plant branches, and repair garden fences. In offices and studios, they can be used to organize wires, hang LED lights and banners. You can even do some DIY ideas: make butterflies or fish for children; Show off your stylish tie wraps design.
Material Packing Easily Done by Cable ties,High Strength,Colour: Black,1 Pack of 100pcs

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